New eCommerce and Business Trends for 2018


Five Dropshipping and E-commerce Trends for 2018

The ecom industry gets more saturated every year. Now, as we head into 2018 it is easier than ever before for people to set up their own online stores and build out a 7 figure business based on drop shipping, and this means that it is harder than ever before to be successful.

One-third of retailers are now dropping shippers and that figure is expected to grow every year. The way that e-commerce works is changing, and we have reached the stage where you don’t need capital or even a warehouse to be a successful seller and you can have a real 7 figure online business without a warehouse.

Take a look at Wayfair and – they are two major retailers that generate millions in revenue each year. Even Zappos and Amazon are starting to offer remote fulfillment options so that anyone can sell them.

With drop shipping, when the store owner receives an order, instead of shipping it out themselves, they then place an order with a wholesaler and get it sent to the buyer. They are simply acting as an intermediary.

This is a simple but effective business model, and it’s one that works very well. For the seller, there is very little capital required – you can sell products without much of an outlay by using the free trial of Shopify – if the products go well, then you can start paying to run a store long term. Let’s take a look at the new eCommerce trends in 2018.
1 – Shopping Socially

Social media – Instagram and Snapchat, for example – are becoming popular with people who are looking to find great products to buy online. Instagram isn’t just for photo sharing anymore it’s even a tool for buying and price comparison.

2 – Facebook Messenger Chat Bots

Save time with your customer service by using Facebook Messenger Chatbots. They can be programmed to offer answers about different subjects and to provide basic customer service and order tracking. They’re no substitute for a human, but they are used to answer basic questions.

3 – More Bestsellers for More companies

These days, it’s easy to find a niche because you can look at the best-selling products on Amazon and work from there to figure out what you can source to get in on the action. It’s easier than ever before to copy the models of the successful sellers.

4 – Niche Targeting

If you have a passion such as formal dresses, dancewear, or baby clothing, then it makes sense to target that, and more and more sellers are doing exactly that because they don’t want to limit themselves to always being reactive. Again, the data is out there, so people have the option to grow or shrink their niche as they wish.

5 – Save Time With Flexible Tools

Dropship retailers can now save a huge amount of time by using apps such as Oberlo to pick and publish their products, images and more. There’s no need to go to the Alibaba or AliExpress website these days – you can do everything from within the dashboard.

The technology is there to make running a drop shipping business simple – but the tech isn’t much use if you don’t have the patience and knowledge to back it up. That’s why it’s so important that you plan your business carefully before you start.

Watch the video below to see experts predictions about how eCommerce will change in the next years:

How To Build a 7 Figure Online Business With eCommerce in 2018?

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