Selling With Free Sessions

If you are a aspiring coach, I would suggest you get a mentor like Christian Mickelsen. His free sessions that sell training is one of the best on the market.

Do you long to get these kinds of actions from the emails you send …

– questions for your coaching?
– more people passing your emails along to others?
– more register for tele-classes you use
– individuals in fact buying whatever you might be selling?

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘The money is in the list’? I have actually heard it plenty of times. And …

It holds true, that when you have a huge e-mail list you can make a great deal of cash without working really hard. However …

Does that indicate you cannot make a great deal of cash with a little e-mail list? It may surprise you to know that you can make a great living as a professional coach with a little list and even …

no list at all!

One of my clients, George, took his coaching company from no to 6 figures in 90 days with an email list of under 100 individuals and after that took his service to $300K 1 year after that. His list is still only around 250 now (tip: he didn’t use his e-mail list much at all). And get this …

When my list was still under 1,000 subscribers, I was earning 6 figures.

Does size matter – free sessions that sell email marketing

No matter what size your e-mail list is, you could be getting a lot better outcomes, and here are 5 things that you can change for dramatically much better results. You will be able to learn all about it in the free sessions that sell training by Christian Mickelsen – read more at

If you check out these 5 points that I will show you and ** use them **, I ‘d much better get an e-mail from you with a BIG, FAT, ‘Thank You’ when you start seeing the nearly instant results.

Seriously, no matter how huge your list is, you can make the most of it by getting rid of these very common, and really expensive errors.

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